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  • Aero Compact 4 w/canopy & standard plus kit
Revere Survival Aero Compact 4 w/canopy & standard plus kit Ideal for general aircraft, the compact and lightweight Aero Compact™ offers an enhanced level of sa.. Product #: 45-AC4V-K2 2 - 3 Days

4 person Aero Compact Liferaft w/canopy & standard plus kit

Brand: Revere Survival
Product Code: 45-AC4V-K2
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Weight: 22.00lb
Dimensions: 14.00in x 11.00in x 8.00in
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Ideal for general aircraft, the compact and lightweight Aero Compact™ offers an enhanced level of safety for over-water flights. With double 200 lb. SuperRev ballast pockets, the Aero Compact enhances stability in the roughest of sea conditions. Its light weight allows for easy deployment,and the compact size makes stowage easy even in the smallest of spaces.

5-Year limited Warranty on All Revere Aero CompactsTM

Valid only with:

  • Required initial service 2 years after purchase; annual service intervals thereafter
  • Service performed by Revere Supply Inc. - certified service stations
  • Proper installation and use in accordance with Revere Owner's Manual
  • Warranty registration

  • Bridges the gap between the lifejacket and the full feature liferaft
  • Smallest, lightest and least expensive raft available today
  • Double 200 lb. SuperRev™ Ballast Pockets for stability
  • Optional canopy in international orange
  • Raft inflates automatically in less than 30 seconds with self-contained CO2 inflation system
  • Single tube, single compartment construction
  • Tube and floor fabric: double urethane coated nylon fabric
  • RF welded and adhesive bonded tape seams
  • Valise: Durable weather and UV-resistant vinyl-coated polyester with optional, detachable equipment pack/kit
  • Floating knife attached to raft
Food Rations (400 Calorie/package) 3
Drinking Water (4.23 oz./package) 8
Desalting Kit (makes 8 pints water) 0
Canopy Assembly 1
Canopy Arch Assembly 1
Utility Knife 1
Flashlight, 2xAA size 1
Batteries, size AA 2
First Aid Kit 1
Sponge 1
Whistle and Lanyard Assembly 1
Signal Mirror 1
Signal Flare Kit 1
Distress Signal Flag 1
Sea Dye Marker 1
Repair Kit 1
Radar-Reflective Thermal Blanket 0
Compass 0
Liferaft Paddles 0
Fishing Kit 0
Survival Manual 1
Survival Kit Valise Assembly 1
Color Yellow
Packaging Valise
UPC 814082020159
Weight and Dimensions
Depth (in.) / (mm) 8 / 203
Width (in.) / (mm) 11 / 279
Length (in.) / (mm) 14 / 356
Weight (lbs.) / (Kg) 22 / 10
Floor (sq.ft) 3.6
Floor (sq.m/person) 0.334