Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I require a life raft, but not sure which raft to select, can you help?

A: Yes! We have a handy section on our website, which will help with your life raft choice, based on your capacity and end use –


Q: I have a new life jacket/life raft/Jon Buoy from you, how can I register its warranty?

A: Please visit our website and complete the warranty form, which can be found here:


Q: I need my life raft/life jacket/Jon Buoy serviced but I am not in the USA, where are your Global Service Stations?

A: You can locate your nearest Global Service Station via this map;


Q: How often should I service my life jacket?

A: SOLAS approved life jackets have to be serviced annually by an approved service station and we also strongly recommend the annual service for leisure users too. We also advise life jacket owners, to regularly check their life jacket for wear and tear.


Q: How often should I service my life raft?

A: SOLAS life rafts require an annual service and leisure life rafts require servicing every 3 years, some manufacturers change their service interval when the life raft is 12 years old. The Revere Aero/Coastal Compact requires servicing 2 years from purchase then annual inspections thereafter.


Q: What actually happens during my life raft service?

A: We always encourage our customers to come in and familiarize themselves with their life raft during the service, alternatively, you can read what happens during a Revere life raft service


Q: I am a dealer and would like to set up an account with Revere, how do I do this?

A: Please contact our sales team directly on SALES@REVERESURVIVAL.COM who will be able to help.


Q: I have mislaid my owner’s manual, are you able to provide a new one?

A: Our owners manuals can be downloaded via our website here –

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