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Revere Survival is now part of the LALIZAS Group

Revere Survival is now part of the LALIZAS Group. LALIZAS is thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of Revere Survival. This move marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards continued growth and expansion. The LALIZAS Group has already developed a strong presence in the US market since 2018 with the acquisition of LALIZAS/ALEXANDER in Houston, TX & Houma, LA […]


Which PLB is right for me?

Finding the Perfect Personal Locator Beacon: Exploring the AIS-Operated MOB1 and the Satellite System’s PLB1 by Ocean SignalWhen it comes to being out at sea, many offshore skippers and crew members are realizing the importance of having a handheld beacon within reach, typically attached to a lifejacket. These beacons play a crucial role in emergencies, as they emit a distress […]


Enhancing Man Overboard Safety: Your Guide to Effective Retrieval Equipment

At Revere Survival, we understand the paramount importance of being prepared for man overboard (MOB) incidents. Every seagoing vessel must have a well-thought-out plan for safely recovering individuals who fall into the water. Factors such as vessel design, size, freeboard height, and accessibility all influence the choice of suitable MOB retrieval equipment. To ensure a successful retrieval process, three key elements […]


Servicing Your Life Jacket

When it comes to safety equipment, having it on board is not enough. It’s crucial to know how to use it effectively and to be certain that it will function properly when needed. This holds especially true for lifejackets, which can be stowed away for extended periods between trips. Unfortunately, many sailors overlook lifejacket maintenance, failing to notice the deterioration […]


How to register your EPIRB

Ensuring your safety on the water requires essential equipment, and one piece that cannot be compromised is the Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB). At Revere Survival, we firmly believe that every boat must carry an EPIRB, and it is equally crucial for all crew members to be well-versed in its operation.However, before embarking on your journey, there is a […]


How to configure your MOB1

Sailors are increasingly recognizing the value of personal AIS units in enhancing their safety and aiding in rescue efforts should an unfortunate man overboard incident occur. Among the popular choices available, the Ocean Signal RescueME MOB1 stands out. However, it’s important to remember that like all safety equipment, its effectiveness is dependent on proper usage and setup.  To ensure you […]


Thanksgiving Rescue – Captain Keith Lehman

Date – November 2009 Offshore Commander saves group off the coast of North Carolina. The US Coast Guard Dolphin helicopter had our location in minutes from the EPIRB, and got to our location in 45 minutes from Elizabeth City, N.C.  The USCG took the owner from the boat with a rescue swimmer. After approximately 3 hours waist deep in water […]


Gulf of Mexico Rescue – John A. Rodriguez-Feo, MD

Date – November 2011 Revere Offshore Ocean saves 4 off the coast of Alabama November 5, 2011, I set out with a crew of 3 to go fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. During our journey I noticed the vessel felt heavy. All the engines had died and I knew we were in trouble! Very shortly an 11-foot wave came […]