How to configure your MOB1

Sailors are increasingly recognizing the value of personal AIS units in enhancing their safety and aiding in rescue efforts should an unfortunate man overboard incident occur. Among the popular choices available, the Ocean Signal RescueME MOB1 stands out. However, it’s important to remember that like all safety equipment, its effectiveness is dependent on proper usage and setup. 

To ensure you maximize the potential of your MOB1, we strongly recommend programming your vessel’s Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number into the device. By doing so, your MOB1 can directly transmit man overboard incident details to your vessel’s Digital Selective Calling (DSC) enabled radio, triggering an immediate alarm. 

Programming your vessel’s MMSI into the MOB1 is a straightforward process that requires a computer-based application and its display screen. You can download the configuration software from Ocean Signal’s website, with versions available for Windows PC, Mac, and Android devices. Once you have the appropriate version downloaded, save the file to your computer or device and proceed with the installation. 

Before starting the programming process, ensure you have your vessel’s nine-digit MMSI number readily available. 

Upon opening the application, you will be greeted with a MOB1 configuration screen, complete with a dedicated box for entering your vessel’s MMSI. Input the MMSI in the provided box and click on the “Update Device” button. 

The screen will transition to a new view, presenting instructions on how to prepare your MOB1 for programming. In essence, you need to slide the Arming Slide down to the armed position and affix the Programming Adaptor (included with your MOB1 purchase) in a manner that aligns the Push Button with the TEST/OFF Key and ensures the clear indicator window is unobstructed for the light to flash through. 

Next, press and hold the TEST/OFF key on the MOB1 for a minimum of 15 seconds, effectively activating the programming mode. You’ll know you’ve succeeded when the LED light begins to flash green through the aperture. 

Release the key on the MOB1, and when you’re ready, press the “Yes” Key on your computer, iPad, or smart device screen. At this point, the display will switch to programming mode, featuring a white box. 

To ensure optimal visibility, adjust your display screen to maximum brightness and position the MOB1 over the screen, aligning the clear STROBE indicator window with the white box. With everything set, press the F10 key on your keyboard to initiate the programming process. 

The screen will update to indicate the completion of programming. You may now remove the MOB1, confirming that the LED light is flashing green. Turn off the MOB1 by briefly pressing the TEST/OFF Key, and observe the LED blinking red twice. This signifies that you can press the F12 Key on your keyboard to exit the programming mode. 

With the programming successfully accomplished, reposition the arming tab into the locked position, and your MOB1 is now ready to be securely fitted to your lifejacket. 

In the rare event of a programming failure, the LED light will begin flashing red after a short duration. Should this occur, don’t worry—simply turn off the unit by pressing the TEST/OFF Key and try again. 

At Revere Survival, we understand the significance of reliable safety equipment. Programming your Ocean Signal RescueME MOB1 with your vessel’s MMSI number enhances its functionality, ensuring prompt response and effective rescue measures. Safeguard your well-being on the water with Revere Survival, where your safety is our priority.