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Created in 1936 and now part of the 3Si Group, Revere Survival Inc. offers one of the best in class range of safety and survival equipment available on the market, including leisure and commercial liferafts and IBAs, inflatable PFDs, rescue beacons, and pyrotechnics.  Our global service network makes it easy for our customers to maintain their full range of survival products worldwide.

Grounded in over 200 years of experience, Safety and Survival Systems International (3Si) and its group companies are trusted providers in the global marine safety market, together we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and survival of our customers whatever their endeavours are.


Coastal Commander 2.0 Liferaft, 6 Person

The Coastal Commander 2.0 is Revere Survival’s answer to economy, durability and safety. Includes two buoyancy tubes, a self-erecting arch canopy, and lead weighted deep water ballast pockets. These, along additional safety features, ensure your survival in any marine emergency.

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ComfortMax Inflatable PFD, Manual, Red, Type III

Revere’s ComfortMax Inflatable PFD combines comfort with the convenience of instant CO2 inflation technology. Features include dual waist adjustment straps for a perfect fit, a D-ring for connecting a kill switch lanyard for safety, and an inflation system status indicator window.

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Revere USCG/SOLAS Liferaft, 8 Person

Meeting the needs of all commercial craft, the USCG/SOLAS Life Raft fulfills SOLAS requirements and holds USCG Approval. It comes packed in a weatherproof fiberglass container and is secured to a stowage cradle with a hydrostatic release, allowing for manual and automatic launching.

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Revere Survival Inc.

Revere Survival offers equipment servicing worldwide through its global service network.  Our support team can assist with any problems, while providing expert solutions and product knowledge. All equipment inspections are performed by technicians certified at highest standards set forth by Revere Survival.  

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