St Maarten Rescue – Captain Ian Steele

Date – February 2008 Revere Products Save Lives off St. Maarten Coast On Friday the 22nd February in Crown Bay St. Thomas, the JB4 left port in typical weather conditions. At 2:30am the vessel started riding bow down and the forward bilge pumps were running. The vessel was brought to a stop. While occasional waves were coming over the bows, […]

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Family of Five Saved – William Koeppel

Date – March 2006 Crew of Sinking 65′ Sportsfisherman saved by Revere raft two miles from shore. William Koeppel & his family were cruising from Nantucket toward Essex CT. Suddenly the boat struck an underwater object which caused it to sink in less than 10 minutes. “My wife quickly grabbed our two young children, put on their life jackets, and […]

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Canyon Explosion – Rich I

Date – April 2018 Several years back we were heading to the New England Canyons south of Cape Cod to go tuna fishing aboard our 35’ express, sport fish, Angler. She was powered by a pair of reliable diesels that, by reputation, are far less prone to having any type of fire related problems as compared to gas powered boats. […]

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IT all happened so fast. – Billy Parry

Date – October 09, 2019 The morning of October 09, 2019 a crew of two set out to bring a sailboat from Savannah to Jacksonville. Before clearing the inlet the motor failed listing the boat hard over snapping the jib. Disabled and in  a strong current near the jetties the crew set off their EPIRB and deployed their Coastal Compact. […]

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Bahama Weekend Rescue – Mark Meyers

July 2013 Coastal Compact saves 6 when their boat began to take on water off the Florida coast. On July 1, 2013 my family and I were traveling home to Fort Lauderdale from a weekend in the Bahamas on our 31’ Four Winns.  50 miles from the Florida coast our boat started taking on water.  Seconds after activating our Coastal […]

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